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Rules of Origin and Preference

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Seminar Description

The origin of goods will determine the ability of the goods to freely circulate in the European Union and to enter countries with whom the EU has a trade agreement at zero rates of duty. The perception of origin has a major impact on the marketability of the goods and there will be significant post Brexit implications

The rules of origin are complex and are often not understood by companies involved in international trade. This can lead to inadvertent fraudulent activity by falsely declaring the origin of the goods

This will be a detailed examination of the current preference and non preference rules of origin and their implications for importers and exporters and offer practical guidance to traders as to how to establish the origin.

The courses will benefit exporting and importing staff, sales, purchasing, finance, shipping and banking personnel

Seminar Objectives

The course should enable delegates to understand

•  The importance of origin
•  The necessity for compliance
•  How to establish non preferential rules of origin
•  International Trading agreements
•  Preferential rule of origin
•  Origin documentation
•  Cumulation of Origin
•  Supplier Declarations
•  Post Brexit Implications

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