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Inward Processing Relief (IPR)

This courses satisfies the requirements of the British Chambers of Commerce "Inward and Outward Processing" assessment. Assessment can be undertaken via an approved Chamber of Commerce in the UK

This course may qualify for grant funding available to UK companies. Please see https://www.customsintermediarygrant.co.uk

IPR Training Course  Description:

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is used to obtain relief from customs duties and import VAT on goods that are imported from outside the EU for processing. The basic principle is to allow UK exporters to be more competitive by reducing their processing costs. Processes that are permitted under IPR include manufacturing, sorting and packing, repair and refurbishment.

Since the inception of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in UK in May 2016 the operation and procedural requirements of IPR were significantly modified. The customs procedures known as "Processing Under Customs Control" was incorporated into IPR and this removes the automatic obligation to export for those that are authorised under the new rules.

The UCC reduced the number of qualifying imports under the old "Simplified" IPR regime to 3 per year and requires those traders who wish to exceed this limit to seek an authorisation. If a trader does not have Authorise Economic Operator (AEO) status fiscal guarantees will be required to cover potential customs debt.

Those traders with current IPR authorisations may continue to operate under the old rules until expiry. They will then be required to re-authorise under the new rules. Any new applications will be assessed under the new rules. Many traders are seeking to re - authorise prior to expiry because they perceive trading advantages under the new rules.

Customs impose strict obligations to comply with the IPR procedures, and those traders that are not AEO accredited will have to complete a self assessment questionnaire when seeking authorisation to show that they have robust compliance procedures in place.

This half day training course will examine the principles and terminology of IPR and some of the options available within IPR. It will consider the methods of operation and compliance with Customs requirements

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