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Impact of Brexit on International Trade Practice and Procedure

The UK Government "Brexit" White Paper suggests that the UK will be seeking a new strategic relationship with the European Union encompassing a free trade agreement. The White Paper implies that World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules will form the basis of our future trading relationships with the rest of the world.

Whatever the final form of these agreements, existing UK trading practice and procedures with The EU and Rest of World are going to change. The reintroduction of UK borders will mean that there will have to be very significant modification to the physical, documentary and IT infrastructure that underpins international trade.

Every company that trades with the European Union and Rest of World will have to consider the implications. The implied increased level of administration will have an impact on costs which may have to be reflected in the selling and buying price of the goods unless means of mitigation can be found.

Many organisations are starting to think about strategic decisions that could be taken in the run up to Brexit to protect their trading position thereafter. This half day seminar will examine the current UK trading procedures and will consider some probable and possible effects of Brexit . It will highlight how they may affect traders and the possible actions that could be taken to mitigate the impact.

The seminar will be relevant to those who have strategic and practical responsibility for international trade, those involved in international sales and purchasing and shipping and logistics personnel.

Topics to be considered

The Single Market and The Customs Union
The Union Customs Code
Current Free trade Agreements and The Rules of Origin
World Trade Organisation rules - a brief overview
Possible Bases of Future Trade Agreements
Customs clearance implications of Brexit  
Taxes and Duties  
Implications for Current "Special Customs arrangements (IPR, OPR etc)"  
Deferments, guarantees and customs warehousing  
Modifications of supply chains – the drop shipping alternative
Compliance and  Documentary Issues  
Differential effects on industry sectors  
Implications for Export Controls and Licensing  
Possible Effect on agency and distribution agreements  
Opportunity for change – New border and customs arrangements  
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