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Introduction to International Sales and Marketing

Seminar Description:

Successful international trade is about winning business in foreign markets. The tools and techniques used for domestic marketing need to be adapted for international trade. With the right preparation, international marketing can be approached in a structured, well-informed and focused way to get the best return on the effort and resource invested in this important activity.

This workshop aims to demystify international marketing and how to evolve an effective strategy to develop business overseas. It will consider the key areas of difference in the elements of marketing, strategic options for marketing, cultural issues, how to identify and research markets, and the basics of selling overseas.

Export Sales Training Course Content:

Course Objectives


One day - approximate training time 6 hours

Who should attend?

This course would be suitable for all staff from companies considering exporting for the first time, new staff joining established exporting companies, the more experienced exporter who may be seeking to expand their portfolio of clients or exporters who require access to the latest information and techniques.

Training  Methods:

The specialist trainer will use lecturing and presentations, reference to fictitious and real examples and participatory exercises to illustrate course content. The delegates will receive copies of the slide presentation and a workbook for future reference

Cost and Availability

For public course fees and schedule please see listings on course schedule page. We would be pleased to quote for in company delivery. Please contact us for a quotation
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