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Export Controls and Licensing

Course Description:

This export controls training course considers the complex and developing field of export licensing and controls. The expanding definitions of military and dual - use goods means that there are increasing business risks for a growing number of companies. Export controls cover the export of goods, technology transfer, including the export of technology over the internet, via email, oral disclosure or technical assistance overseas.

Transgression of export control can result in Customs Seizures, logistical problems and contractual penalties. There are minimal grounds for defence if goods or technology get into the wrong hands. Directors, individuals and employees are subject to prosecution with a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

The seminar examines the current export control legislation and gives valuable guidance for compliance with the latest legislation for both Military and Dual-Use items.  It will also consider compliance with external controls, such as ITAR, EAR and Anti-Boycott regulations that may be imposed on those companies with US connections or shipping goods of US origin

Export Control Training Course Content: 


Half Day (Approximately 3 hours training time) or One Day (Approximately 6 hours training time). Duration will depend the level of existing expertise, the nature of the exported products and the level of detail required

Who should attend?

The half day course will cover the basic elements of export control and licensing and will be suitable for those with less experience. The one day course will have greater detail and will contain greater consideration of compliance procedures. It will be suitable for

    Those new to export controls
    Experienced staff who wish to update their knowledge
    Those responsible and concerned with their company's compliance procedures

Cost and Availability

For public course fees and schedule please see listings on course schedule page. We would be pleased to quote for in company delivery. Please contact us for a quotation
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